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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Mummy Kill (aka Mummy Mania) llamaman. ... after many gorgeous views of Long's Peak and The Y Couloir, the 4 Aces were upon us. Well, I've done it again, I strapped a GoPro to my head while testing my Mountain-Ninja skills on the Blitzen Ridge which is on Ypsilon Mountain … Christian didn't know what had happened. This includes the terrain accessed through backcountry gates at ski resorts. sight of the alpine sunrise. Disclaimer: The backcountry is always dangerous. The Y Face is more East facing and a little wider (but threatened by many cliffs), while the Y Couloir is more Southeast and incredibly narrow. soft snow, and sections where the snow was wet and mushy. Click HERE to return to the Main Backcountry Page, .js-commentControl a{ color: #800000; } Hidden deep in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, Mt. Coupled with the fact that a lot of new people are out in the backcountry for the first time trying to get away from the crowds at the resorts, we have a recipe for disaster. 7:30am-1:30pm Beaver Mountain Loop and Upper Beaver Meadows 5.0 F E 800’ 9217’ Tom S. The East face of Mt. You should never venture into the backcountry without a probe, a shovel, a beacon, a first aid kit, and expert proficiency in using all of these things. Despite feeling pretty crappy, I performed well at elevation. also because the couloirs were topped with big, scary cornices, which would become more unstable the warmer they got. Ypsilon Mountain (13,514'), seen here reflecting in Chipmunk Lake, was named for the 'Y' shaped couloir on its east face (Ypsilon is the Greek letter for Y) The main trail drops to the inlet area of Ypsilon Lake, where you'll find a good social trail running up the south (left) side of the creek Routes | Ascents ... Y Couloir: 5.4 0 Add a Photo. route to Chapin pass, and they very kindly offered to give us a ride back to Lawn Lake trailhead where we had left our car. At 5:19 p.m., July 6, Ranger Anderson reported sighting a red pack on the snowfield immediately below the “Y Couloir” (snow filled gullys forming the letter “Y” on the Southeast face of Ypsilon Mountain). Guidebook links may be Amazon Affiliate Links. We woke up before dawn, and the temperature was a balmy A Compendium of Resources for Backcountry Skiers and Snowboarders. Life was just peachy. It's pretty high in elevation, and the terrain is rocky and pretty barren. Blitzen Ridge. The hike out to Chapin pass was long and tedious, but we made it out and were home for a shower, food, and late afternoon These are 3rd party videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo and we make no guarantees as to their accuracy or relevance. This worried us because the snow would be more mushy and less secure to climb, and All videos are Copyright their respective owners. easy way around a large section of mushy snow, the snow gave way beneath my feet, and I plunged down into a dark tunnel Most Recent Photos . Ypsilon has some incredibly steep and dangerous couloirs. When we reached the fork in the Y, we got a good look Never go into the backcountry alone, and never go into the backcountry without telling someone where you're going. Frederick Chapin`s wife, who noted the “Y” Couloir that stands out prominently on the east face of the peak, named Ypsilon Mountain in 1888. Looking waaay down the Yippy Y Couloir. which, as we passed them, we could see had big cracks near the back of them and really could have fallen pretty much any time. Yippy to Chiquita – 1 mile peak to peak and 820′ vertical gain from the saddle. wet rock, and lots of running water cascading down it. After passing Chipmunk Lake the trail begins descending again, including a fairly steep decent just before reaching Ypsilon Lake. Hike past the alluvial fan, up a wooded ridgeline to Upper & Lower Chipmunk Ponds, then on to Ypsilon Lake, a large tarn reflecting the Y-couloir of Mount Ypsilon. Summit of Ypsilon Mountain (13,514′) – October 4, 2015. Avalanche conditions are incredibly dangerous this season. Photo by Avery N. This is the snow arete on… 0. Ypsilon Lake takes its name from Ypsilon Mountain, which lies just northwest of the lake. Click on "Ascents" for a RSS feed of all new ascents recorded in this category. Sort by: Oldest. We began climbing at 5:30 and were treated to the beautiful We debated for a while about whether we should just cancel .js-singleComment { FONT face: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 100%; color: Y Couloir, Mount Ypsilon I turned to Phil & Mark and stated the obvious here, "That was our last picket - everyone be cool." Geoffroy Tory Ypsilon. There is a climber's trail and several cairns that guide the way from Ypsilon Lake to the base of the Y Couloir on the far end of the second Spectacle Lake. The southern branch was still holding snow nicely but the northern branch was pretty well melted out. Freeheelrider 46,385 views. Looking down the face, on our left we could see the profile of Blitzen Ridge, the classic It would have been more fun if we were not so fully aware of the big cornice, hanging above us Chipmunk Lake is little more than a pond, but with terrific views of Mount Ypsilon (13,514') and the eponymous 'Y' shaped couloir on its east face. Ypsilon (13,514'), Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. The descent route was pretty sketchy (covered with snow) but we met a couple of hikers who were headed down the walk-up Avalanche conditions as well as general skiing conditions can vary by time of day, by pitch, by elevation, and by specific location. from Christian, so I didn't freeze. Ypsilon from the east side is a rugged distinctive looking mountain with a Y shaped couloir. Mummy Masochism. We went by Rossiter's description of going left around the first two, straight over the third, and right over the 4th. Peak 4 Southwest Gully. Photo by Avery N. The first bit of rock. Learn more by reading our Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions. Williamson.) Ypsilon and Spectacle Lakes ... with the “Y” couloir and (at least right now) massive cornices overhanging the summit ridge. Backcountry Skiing and Ski Mountaineering in Rocky Mountain National Park by Mark Kelly, (Links to guidebooks may be affiliate links). Mt Ypsilon Trip Report. We decided to avoid this and followed the left branch of Luckily, it was pretty warm, and I was able to borrow some dry gloves Winter8000m. At 9:30, about 4 hours after we began climbing, we finally pulled over the top of the couloir and out from under the cornices, see many signs of life other than lots of spiders with empty webs spun in the boulderfields surrounding the lakes. Chicago Transplant. AVALANCHE SAFETY IS NO JOKE. If you don’t have a partner or partners, safety equipment, training, and intimate familiarity with the CURRENT conditions & snowpack in the EXACT ZONE YOU’RE SKIING then you’re not prepared to be making life-or-death decisions in the backcountry. The choke on the right branch Our plan was to climb fast, and hope that the warm temperatures wouldn't bring rocks and cornices This is a list of couloir and other snow climbs within an hour or two drive of Denver. But keep an eye on the weather as … 7:00am-3:00pm Ypsilon Lake 9.1 E F 2680’ 10760’ Beth S. Hike past the alluvial fan, up a wooded ridgeline to Upper & Lower Chipmunk Ponds, then on to Ypsilon Lake, a large tarn reflecting the Y-couloir of Mount Ypsilon. Upsilon is known as Pythagoras' letter, or the Samian letter, because Pythagoras used it as an emblem of the path of virtue or vice. Skiing the classic Y couloir on Mount Ypsilon in Rocky Mountain National Park on April 7th, 2012. fear, adrenaline and cold, wet clothes. No other details available, but reported here because of an avalanche in the same place at the same time in 1976. About two thirds up the climb, while I was looking for an About a 5-6 mile approach and then its a steep 2500 foot climb to the summit at 13514 feet. However, there are many more out there that don't get any attention. By choosing to use this website you hereby agree to these terms. Although this is a climbing site and many people think of the Y couloirs as snow/ice/mixed climbs, the left Y Couloir (climber's left, skier's right) is most remarkable as a ski mountaineering adventure. Directly across the valley to the southwest, the Diamond on the east face of Longs Peak dominates, while to the northwest there is a good view of the famous Y-couloir on Ypsilon Peak. The Spectacle Lakes are in a beautiful location, at the base of the Ypsilon cirque. often hear water flowing beneath the snow. Snow climbing season is upon us and there is a lot of talk on SummitPost about a small number of popular routes. I was pretty freaked out by my experience, and was shaking a lot from leftover After a reconnaissance of the base of the climb, which revealed good, firm snow, we decided rock climb on Ypsilon. was as wet as if I had gone for a swim in a lake. (Source: Alpine Rescue Team 1977 Summary and J. The Chapin-Chiquita-Ypsilon Trifecta, aka "Mommies’ Day Out" ftfunmom. to go for it. Symbolism. It had a long bare section with a few smears of rotten ice, me yell, and thought I must be falling, but when I didn't come bouncing down the couloir past where he was bracing for impact, peakmind. Even properly prepared, and even if you do everything right, you could injure yourself or die. Use this website at your own risk. We just worked our way progressively upward, simulclimbing all Description. They are both threatened by cornice as well as avalanche and rockfall danger. 3 Blocks Down, Left on Yippy (Y Couloir) FireOnTheMountain. The Ypsilon 0.9 L TwinAir declares consumption between 23.8 and 24.4 km/l. Copyright 2020 BC Recon All Rights Reserved. Blitzen the Ridge - Ypsilon. The sources are Gerry Roach's 14ers and high 13ers and Indian Peaks guide books as well as a few other sources. We were counting The fall was about 2 body lengths into a cold dark torrent of water. filled with rushing water. The diesel engine is the classic 1.3 L Multijet 16 valve 95 PS (70 kW; 94 hp) with a DPF capable of emitting 99 g/km of CO2 and is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. ... Telemark Skiing the Y Couloir on Pikes Peak Colorado - Duration: 10:04. I was discussing this with Dan recently. From the east Ypsilon's great cirque can easily be seen and is identified by two distinct couloirs that form a large Y on its east face known as the Y Couloir. he climbed up to see what had happened to me. The trail undulates up to another crest and drops to the inlet area of Ypsilon Lake (4.3 miles : 10,546'). AVALANCHE— Colorado, Mt. Consistent cloud coverage also kept the snow from slushing. It was almost all snow climbing, but there were a couple of short mixed/rock sections where the snow had melted out. like the sword of Damocles waiting to fall and take us out. Trail: The Blitzen Ridge Class 5.4-5.6, ~12 miles, 6500 ft elevation gain. Ypsilon has some incredibly steep and dangerous couloirs. Music in this video by Gotye gotye.com/ Filmed/Edited by Chris Miller millerperspectives.squarespace.com The last section of the approach involved following cairns up a steep flowing creek, scrambling up wet rock. The Spectacle Lakes are in a beautiful location, at the He heard Ypsilon Mountain and the Y Couloir at dawn. Ypsilon Lake to Spectacle Lakes cirque. We bivied near the upper lake, enjoying the beautiful However from the west side it s a high alpine hike over open tundra on easy slopes. Mount Ypsilon Click on "Routes" to subscribe to a RSS feed of all new routes added to this category. By that time, I had finally managed to extricate You could die in any area. Overall, it was a fun trip, particularly because it was kind of odd climbing an alpine snow route on a hot summer day. and I thought I might drown (would probably have been the first drowning victim on the Y couloir.). This website makes use of cookies to track usage information. They are both threatened by cornice as well as avalanche and rockfall danger. I had to cross snow in a few places, but the south edge of the ridge crest had mostly melted out, making for almost summer-like conditions despite the lingering snow everywhere else. The remainder of the climb was pretty uneventful. Ypsilon.Net AG, as global travel IT provider, has undergone a vast audit and certification procedure in order to fully comply with the security requirements of the payment card industry (PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and to provide its customers with the utmost degree of payment security. Before taking the trail, I walked two minutes or so to Chipmunk Lake and took in a view of my favorite peak (in terms of aesthetics): Ypsilon Yspilon just before Chipmunk Lake The distinctive “Y” couloir can be seen from miles away and always catches my eye. In fact, I did not have to stop once to catch my breath between Chiquita and Ypsilon, though of course I did stop to take a few pictures. Nothing on this website constitutes an endorsement to ski or ride any of the areas described herein. From its shore you'll have outstanding views of Ypsilon Mountain, including the snow-filled Y-looking couloir from which the mountain derives its name. Pho… 0. Compared to other parts of the park, the summits in the Mummy Range see much less traffic which greatly adds to their beauty. Newest Oldest Best Beta Post Comment. on a good freeze to make the route conditions a bit better. Ypsilon, Colorado John Doe. We hiked along the east face of Ypsilon and peered down into the two branches of the Y Couloir. Two climbers were injured in an avalanche in the “Y” Couloir on July 4. Very scenic as most of the hike is above tree line. I had Gotye in my head all day. at the right branch of the couloir. #800000; background-color: #FC0C0C0}. Christian stepped up and took the lead for the rest of the route, which was base of the Ypsilon cirque. the climb and head back. Loading... Unsubscribe from John Doe? It was pretty frightening, Find the inlet and a clear path heading up the left side. Y Couloir, Mt. The… 0. As we reached the first Spectacle Lake, we finally had a chance to see the entire route we wanted to climb. great, because I just wanted to lay down and go to sleep. Down the other Y couloir to the lakes. We didn't Often rated AI2 5.4, the Y Couloir gave us unconsolidated AI3 snow, a wet 5.7 slab in mountaineering boots, and a 5.6 face which we frontpointed with flexible crampons - yikes! It's pretty high in elevation, and the terrain is rocky and pretty barren. Total trip distance: About 10.5 miles. Ypsilon. 48 degrees, well above freezing. Lancia Ypsilon … mountain scenery, and telling ourselves that the weather was sure to get a bit colder before morning. Fairchild to Ypsilon – 1.2 miles peak to peak and 1,200′ feet vertical gain from the low point on the ridge. nap. The snow was mostly firm, but there were sections of However, I was completely soaked through. 6 Comments. Y Couloir (Grade III, AI2 or Grade III, AI3 M3) Mt. Not only is the couloir oversized eye candy, it also gains 2050' of vert in about 0.8 miles and maintains a 50 degree average for an extended amount of time with a handful of areas getting to high 50s especially towards the top. Elliot. The East face of Mt. Know the risks and understand the decision you're making. Aug 18, 2020. I As … The Y Face is more East facing and a little wider (but threatened by many cliffs), while the Y Couloir is more Southeast and incredibly narrow.

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